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Our lives are like a circle The process never ends
One wave follows one another And after tears comes laughter

Matt Mathews

Matt Mathews is a songwriter. A storyteller.

Through his songs Matt tells us his inner world, intimate and sensitive. He’s a guide that connects us to our own emotional world, remembering us a buried memory, a fleeting emotion, an intense hope.

Matt, singer and multi-instrumentalist, proposes in his first solo album "Promised Land" a personal and stylish songwriting, from indie-rock to pop-folk, in a bewitching musical journey.

"Promised Land" was released in May 2016 in Switzerland and several songs are played on numerous swiss radios and tv channels, including Radio Swiss Pop, Rete3, Radio Chablais, La Télé, TVM3 and Léman Bleu, etc.

The "Promised Land Tour" is currently underway with nearly 20 concert dates in festivals and clubs such as Caprices Festival Crans-Montana, Festival Local Vevey or Undertown Meyrin, Chat Noir Carouge, etc.

Matt previously played on many swiss stages with his former projects, including the Label Suisse Festival in Lausanne, the Paléo Festival in Nyon, and Musiques en Eté on the Ella Fitzgerald stage in Geneva with the band Exphase, but also in clubs like Bikini Test, Fri-son, U.ZN L’Usine, KIFF Aarau, Henrici Zürich and during 4 tours in Holland, Spain, France and Italy with the band The Exciters.

Matt released two albums "Embryo" and "Secret Garden" with Exphase, as well as an EP "The Eternal Cannibal Prelude" and an album "Flashback" with The Exciters, which received an enthusiastic press and a wide media coverage both in french and german-speaking Switzerland.

Dear all we need now is extra time To give us a chance to play our ace
All we need now is springtime And to feel in state of grace

Past dates

01. 04. 2016Caprices Festival OffCrans-Montana
20. 05. 2016UndertownMeyrin
27. 05. 2016Point 11Sion
28. 05. 2016Rock’n Nax FestivalNax  Open Air
15. 06. 2016Montreux Jazz CaféMontreux
18. 06. 2016Fête de la MusiqueNyon
21. 06. 2016Fête de la MusiqueLausanne
25. 06. 2016Festival LocalVevey  Open Air
16. 07. 2016Léman Bouge TourGenève Open Air
29. 07. 2016Le New PubCrans-Montana
06. 08. 2016Bar King du LacNeuchâtel
09. 09. 2016L’AnnexeBex
16. 09. 2016Salon du Bleu CaféNeuchâtel
17. 09. 2016Le Bouffon de la TaverneGenève
01. 10. 2016L’A CappellaArdon
18. 11. 2016Le Chat NoirCarouge
25. 11. 2016Salon Secret/7radio.chLausanne
28. 01. 2017L'AtelierSembrancher
29. 01. 2017Sofar SoundsGenève
25. 02. 2017E-glooVernamiège
20. 05. 2017La TerrasseGrône
27. 05. 2017Fête de l'EspoirGenève
14. 06. 2017RNV Unplugged – HesselOrbe
16. 06. 2017Festibière FestivalCarouge Open Air
23. 06. 2017Fête de la Musique - BastionsGenève Open Air
24. 06. 2017Fête de la MusiqueCarouge Open Air
06. 07. 2017Montreux Jazz FestivalMontreux Open Air
08. 07. 2017La Barje des SciencesGenève Open Air
You’re the only place where I belong Take me in your arms where I belong
Come here to my arms where you belong Grace the only place where we belong

Promised land

"Promised Land" is a journey. A daydream set to texts and sounds

Over its 11 songs, we navigate through multiple universes expressing the full range of human emotions. Sort of concept album, "Promised Land" bring us along a trip that looks like life, and restarts again when it ends ... like at its beginning but not quite the same ... We leave it slightly transformed, subtly touched, sometimes soothed sometimes affected, but certainly morehumanised.

"Promised Land"talks about rebirth and healing, about shared friendship and disappointed love, breakups, grace and redemption... This promised land, real or imagined, sort of mantra that everyone can use, awakens in us the desire to reinvent ourselves and the strength to liberate us, to deliver us...

In its contrasting moods, the music of "Promised Land" turns from light to dark and softness to energy, but remains constantly close to us, by our side. Between dream and reality, the musical journey of Matt takes us by the hand beyond the stars.

In every smile lies a tear In every pain waits laughter