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« Fragile » Album Suisse de la semaine du 4 au 8 novembre 2019 - Option Musique RTS

« Timbre céleste et mélodies parfaites, Matt Mathews livre « Fragile », une musique caressante aux parfums captivants » - La Tribune de Genève



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Délectons-nous, encore un peu De nos corps, de nos âmes Avant de se dissoudre, peu à peu Et que le ciel nous enflamme
Photo Matt Mathews

Matt Mathews

Matt Mathews is a songwriter. A storyteller, if you will.

Matt, a singer and multi-instrumentalist, is back with his new 2019 EP “Fragile”, distributed by Irascible Music. This EP blends humanist folk with electronica and soul and is sung half in English and, in a departure from his previous releases, half in French – the language of the poetry he has written since he can remember.

Matt’s debut album “Promised land” was released in May 2016 and was well received with many songs broadcast or playlisted on multiple Swiss radio and TV channels, including Couleur 3, Radio Swiss Pop, Rete3, Radio Chablais, La Télé, TVM3 or Léman Bleu. The accompanying “Promised Land Tour” ran from 2016 to 2018 with some fifty concerts in a host of festivals and clubs including the Montreux Jazz Festival, la Fête de l’Espoir in Geneva, le Caprices Festival Crans-Montana, or the Undertown Meyrin, Le Chat Noir Carouge, etc.

While exploring former projects such as “Exphase” or “The Exciters”, Matt played on Swiss stages as varied as Label Suisse in Lausanne, Paléo Festival Nyon, Musiques en Eté in Geneva as well as in clubs such as Bikini Test La Chaux-de-Fonds, Fri-son Fribourg, L'Usine U.ZN Geneva, Usine à Gaz Nyon, Pont Rouge Monthey, KIFF Aarau, Henrici Zürich, etc.

When we’re surrounded by fake news When disinformation triumphs I am staying humble I keep my mind clear

Dates passées

01. 04. 2016 Caprices Festival Off Crans-Montana
20. 05. 2016 Undertown Meyrin
27. 05. 2016 Point 11 Sion
28. 05. 2016 Rock’n Nax Festival Nax Open Air
15. 06. 2016 Montreux Jazz Café Montreux
18. 06. 2016 Fête de la Musique Nyon
21. 06. 2016 Fête de la Musique Lausanne
25. 06. 2016 Festival Local Vevey Open Air
16. 07. 2016 Léman Bouge Tour Genève Open Air
29. 07. 2016 Le New Pub Crans-Montana
06. 08. 2016 Bar King du Lac Neuchâtel
09. 09. 2016 L’Annexe Bex
16. 09. 2016 Salon du Bleu Café Neuchâtel
17. 09. 2016 Le Bouffon de la Taverne Genève
01. 10. 2016 L’A Cappella Ardon
18. 11. 2016 Le Chat Noir Carouge
25. 11. 2016 Salon Secret/ Lausanne
28. 01. 2017 L'Atelier Sembrancher
29. 01. 2017 Sofar Sounds Genève
25. 02. 2017 E-gloo Vernamiège
20. 05. 2017 La Terrasse Grône
27. 05. 2017 Fête de l'Espoir Genève
14. 06. 2017 RNV Unplugged – Hessel Orbe
16. 06. 2017 Festibière Festival Carouge Open Air
23. 06. 2017 Fête de la Musique - Bastions Genève Open Air
24. 06. 2017 Fête de la Musique Carouge Open Air
06. 07. 2017 Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux Open Air
08. 07. 2017 La Barje des Sciences Genève Open Air
01. 12. 2017 Coyote Bar Genève
16. 03. 2018 Festival Bars En Fête Genève
23. 03. 2018 Café Mogador Lausanne
03. 05. 2018 Les Trentenaires Fribourg
04. 05. 2018 Broc’En Blanche Genève
08. 06. 2018 La Bretelle Genève
05. 07. 2018 Bar King du Lac Neuchâtel
06. 07. 2018 Café du Grütli Genève
19. 07. 2018 Café du Tessin Carouge
26. 08. 2018 Kiosk’Art Neuchâtel
10. 09. 2018 Sofar Lausanne Lausanne
01. 11. 2018 Le Box Genève
22. 11. 2018 Champmeslé Carouge
30. 11. 2018 Café du Tessin Carouge
01. 12. 2018 Café de l’Union Monnetier – France
28. 05. 2019 Duke’s Music Bar Lausanne
13. 04. 2019 Le Croco Rouge Genève
29. 06. 2019 Café du Tessin Carouge
17. 08. 2019 Kiosk’Art Neuchâtel
08. 09. 2019 Swiss Peaks Concert Festival Le Bouveret
13. 09. 2019 Festival de la Lune Monnetier – France
16. 09. 2019 Urgence Disk Genève
25. 09. 2019 On Stage Music Live Carouge
28. 09. 2019 Le Chat Noir (release party) Carouge
23. 11. 2019 La Galerie Genève
30. 11. 2019 La Matriochka Sion
30. 01. 2020 Les Volontaires Genève
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CD Matt Mathews Fragile


CD Matt Mathews Promised Land

Promised land

CD Matt Mathews Promised Land

"Promised Land" is a journey. A daydream set to texts and sounds

Over its 11 songs, we navigate through multiple universes expressing the full range of human emotions. Sort of concept album, "Promised Land" bring us along a trip that looks like life, and restarts again when it ends ... like at its beginning but not quite the same ... We leave it slightly transformed, subtly touched, sometimes soothed sometimes affected, but certainly morehumanised.

"Promised Land" talks about rebirth and healing, about shared friendship and disappointed love, breakups, grace and redemption... This promised land, real or imagined, sort of mantra that everyone can use, awakens in us the desire to reinvent ourselves and the strength to liberate us, to deliver us...

In its contrasting moods, the music of "Promised Land" turns from light to dark and softness to energy, but remains constantly close to us, by our side. Between dream and reality, the musical journey of Matt takes us by the hand beyond the stars.

CD Matt Mathews Promised Land

« Fragile »

Comforting words carried on the breath… arpeggios against a backdrop of gentle guitar chords teasing the senses… the lightest touch of ambient electronica… introducing « Fragile », the new EP from Matt Mathews.

« Fragile » is a blend of humanist folk with traces of pop and soul. In a departure from his previous work, the EP contains songs in French based on the poetry that Matt has written for as long as he can remember.

Fragile like happiness wich disappears just as you are about to embrace it… Fragile like us human who try to resist cynicism while surrounded by brutality and discrimination… Fragile like the presence of our loved ones…and like the gentle balm of a late Summer afternoon… Let’s relis hit, let’s savour it… before heaven ignites us…

Suddenly Like an emergency You must know how precious you are to me